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The First Overseas HPR1000 unit Completed the Loading Test-Run of Circulating Water Pumps

Updated: 2020-03-24

On March 18th, the first overseas unit of HPR1000, Karachi 2, completed the loading test-run of two circulating water pumps in 2PS pump station. The equipment operated stably during the test with all parameters verified, which paved the way for hot functional test. 

Weighting 123 tons each unit, circulating water pumps provide cooling water to the conventional island and is deemed as one of the most crucial equipment in nuclear power plants.

Against the outbreak of Covid-19, CZEC remains committed to construction while carefully handles epidemic prevention and control. To ensure the completion of loading test-run of circulating water pumps, K-2/K-3 Management worked with sub-contractors to draft contingency plans, allocate resources and optimize coordination. The success demonstrates CZEC’s competence of preventing the epidemic while securing construction and boosts the company’s confidence to achieve targets set for 2020.



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