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Multi-Purpose Small Modular Reactor

HPR1000 ACP100 ACP600


The small modular reactor (ACP100) is a third-generation innovative PWR technology independently developed by CNNC, featuring high safety, short construction cycle, economic competitiveness and flexibility in application.The ACP100 can meet the diversified demands for power generation, heat-power cogeneration and water-power cogeneration in densely populated areas, inland and coastal areas.

Mature,safe and reliable technology

Short construction period and economical

Supply of electric power to medium/small
grids islands and remote areas

Supply of heat and power to cities

Supply of steam for industry use

Provision of seawater desalinization to
coastal lacking fresh water


Modular design, short construction period and thrifty land-use

Construction period of ACP100: 36 months
Construction period of 1000MWe NPPs: 56-60 months
Low single-unit electric power catering for various needs
Integrated reactor layout Small dimension equipment,convenient
Integrated manufacturing, transportation and speedy on-site installation
Simplified auxiliary facilities, thrifty land-use
Environmentally friendly in the vicinity of urban areas and utilities


Multifunction NPPs for diverse utilities

Supply of heat and
power to cities
Supply of steam and
electricity to industrial
enterprises / industrial
parks and petrochemical
Provision of seawater
desalinization to coastal
cities lacking fresh water
Provision of power to
icebreakers and float
nuclear plant
Supply of electric power
to medium/small grids,
islands and remote
mountainous areas

assured safety

Meeting the highest safety standards


The work of site selection of ACP100 demonstration project, co-generation of electricity, steam and water, with two 310MWt reactors, has implemented since 2011.In 2015, the site of ACP100 demonstration project was arranged at Changjiang, Hainan Province.

ACP100 Small Size Multiple Purposes Assured Safety Design Progress
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